Exploring Integrative Performance Practice with Experience during her workshop was fantastic.  The workshop gave me the unique opportunity to work one on one with Experience and in collaboration with other participants to develop further develop my practice.  Through the power of the perineal center, I was able to discover freedom and power in my body and mind that has allowed me to become a more confident practitioner and performer.

Nicole Adduci

I have to say, that the workshop revolutionized my practice. The basic technique of being aware of my breath in the 3 part breath to then taking that awareness and breath to fuel complicated movements while voicing... It was a revelation to hear the vocals  that came out of me, notes  I usually have to try very hard for I made easily, sometimes even while upside down.

I don't want to teach the center to be anywhere but from the perineum. Its almost a waste of time to teach center from anywhere else when the perineum-as-center is this supportive, efficient and gives such immediate and surprising results. As you say,  its what we were made to operate from and naturally did as children, so of course its natural and feels right.  I loved the workshop. I'd do it again in a heart beat. And you are wonderful; sensitive, honest, and powerful. It was a pleasure to be there. Thank you again.

                                                                                                                                      Dana Blackstone

A revelation in thinking and utterly fascinating in practice! This book offers both a theoretical and studio based exploration of IPP and is fantastic for performers and students alike. The theory is accessible yet rigourous and feeds clearly into the practical exercises. A must for all interested in performance practice!

L. Vorweg

Testimonials about the workshops

'The IPP Intensive weekend workshop was one of the most challenging and rewarding weekends of my life. Experience's method of teaching is very precise and sensitive, and the workshop compliments the IPP book extremely well. We were able to sing - a breath dance - while doing handstands and forward rolls without any glitches in voice, all thanks to engaging perineal breath as centre. A fascinating and unique practice, strongly recommended for any interdisciplinary performer.'

Sophia Anna Edlund